Sunday School for our young people is held at 10:00 AM in the upstairs of the church office (“the Old Rectory).


Community Youth Connection partners with the community of McIntosh County in order to connect at-risk children with people and resources that will help them to become whole people and to solidify their growth into adulthood.  

Community Youth Connection has three key programs that meet weekly.

Tutoring Program (Oak Grove Intermediate School) Adult volunteers from the community focus on helping students in the subjects of math and reading. Tutors work with 5th graders in the subjects of reading and math from a curriculum their teachers provide that supports what they’re teaching in their classrooms.  Tutors also have the opportunity to get to know their students on a more personal level, thus enhancing the experience for everyone involved.

Community Cares Café () focuses on nourishing and nurturing children, body and mind, by feeding a nutritious meal to identified at-risk 5th grade students  on Tuesdays after school from 3-5PM in the church parish house. The program also addresses homework assignments for that day or upcoming projects. Once a month volunteers in the community present life-skills programs to the children. The program provides transportation for children who are unable to provide their own transportation. PICTURES

Community Youth Program focuses on teaching at-risk children the importance of ongoing community participation through Christian teachings, local field trips/service projects, mission trips, and ongoing spiritual development. The program is designed to equip students with the life skills needed to help them become whole adults and to successfully complete their journey to adulthood from 6th-12th grade. The program provides transportation for children who are unable to provide their own transportation. This Youth Group meets on Sunday afternoons from 2-3:30PM in the church parish house.